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Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat – Poster 1

Beat the Heat – Flyer 1

Beat the Heat – Poster 2

Beat the Heat – Flyer 2

Back to School

Back to School – Poster 1

Back to School – Flyer 1

Back to School – Poster 2

Back to School – Flyer 2

Hope Totes

Hope Totes – Poster 1

Hope Totes – Flyer 1

Hope Totes – Poster 2

Hope Totes – Flyer 2

Turkey 'N' Fixins

Turkey ‘N’ Fixins – Poster 1

Turkey ‘N’ Fixins – Poster 2

Turkey ‘N’ Fixins – Flyer 1

Turkey ‘N’ Fixins – Flyer 2

Project Santa

Project Santa – Poster 1

Project Santa – Poster 2

Project Santa – Flyer 1

Project Santa – Flyer 2

Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells – Poster 1

Christmas Bells – Poster 2

Christmas Bells – Flyer 1

Christmas Bells – Flyer 2

Christmas Bells – Cards

Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to get your upcoming drive into the news – print or radio. Many local online and print newspapers will be happy to carry a story about your Open Door Mission Drive. We have provided this sample Press Release for our registered drive hosts. You can modify it to fit your drive specifics and needs as it is in Microsoft Word format.

Sample Press Release

Open Door Mission Logo

Open Door Mission’s logo is a registered trademark and may not be covered, distorted or altered in any way, other than size. If you need a different file type, please email drive@opendoormission.org.

ODM Logo – JPG

ODM Logo – PNG

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