A Heart to Serve

I’d like to give a shout out to Tim. Tim came to my attention because he was known for fixing bikes around campus. We soon struck up a conversation and I asked him if he’d be available to fix up bikes.

He said yes! Tim has a passion for fixing bikes and he loves serving others. I asked for some space to put a workbench and supply him with some basic bike parts. Mostly tubes and brakes!

I worked at Open Door Mission for eight months and was able to give 18 bikes away. Most of them had been worked on by Tim!

We now have a work area for Tim and it has only been up and running for less than 60 days. As of the writing of this today, Tim has helped us give away 24 bikes!

We hope to work ahead and have bikes ready for those who are actively looking for work or going to school. I really enjoy getting better at what we do here!

When we can improve what we do everyone benefits. May all of our work point to Christ!

Written By: ODM’s James

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