It’s More Than Just a Bike

Helping our guests at the Men’s Center secure a bike is something I am very passionate about. The first time I had gotten out of county jail I was given a ride to a construction job site. I was offered the job on the spot. I lived in a tent on the property for a week until the tent was stolen while I was at church.

The jailer who had given me a ride to the job site offered me a place to stay that was miles from the job site. However, a bike got me to work each day on time, but to say I didn’t need coffee after pedaling all that way is an understatement.

This bike allowed me the opportunity to get to work long enough to save and purchase a car. The car allowed me to keep my job and follow the construction company for a different life.

I found myself getting out of jail in 2000 with nothing but the clothes on my back. I lived at a man’s home. I was able to get a bike for $15.00, which gave me transportation to get to the two  jobs I had. Soon, I was able to save money and purchase a car within a month or two. Within a year, I owned my own golf company.

I KNOW that it’s not just a bike in my world because the bike was a tool to get to the next level.

Written By: ODM’s James

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