The Potter's Hand

Growing up in rural Nebraska, Nina had what she described as a normal childhood with both parents in the home. As a teenager, she was first introduced to drugs and alcohol around the age of 14. Soon, she would have her first child at age 17, and Nina was left to finish high school as a single mother.

Upon entering the workforce, Nina’s drug and alcohol use would grow into a persistent addiction. After years of using, she eventually found herself in a battle to keep custody of her two children. She completed two short-term treatment programs as she fought to keep her children, but her addiction still remained. “I didn’t feel like much of a parent at all. I was just lost.”

Amid the pain and confusion that Nina was experiencing, she knew that there had to be something better for her and her family. Thankfully, her brother introduced her to Open Door Mission. “He always said that we would get clean together, so I told him if he went to treatment I’d go to treatment too.” Both Nina and her brother arrived on Open Door Mission’s campus and they haven’t looked back.

Since arriving at Open Door Mission’s Lydia House last summer, Nina has maintained sobriety and is continuing to better herself for her and her children’s future. Through therapy, life-recovery classes, and individualized case management, she is overcoming her trauma and loss while rebuilding deep connections with her children and family.

One of the main differences she has experienced compared to her time in short-term treatment programs is Open Door Mission’s commitment to rebuilding and restoring her life as she focuses on the future.

“They’re not just pushing you through, they’re rebuilding and molding you to get back on your feet.” As she continues her recovery journey, Nina plans to use the skills she’s gained at Open Door Mission to reenter the workforce and move into an apartment along with her two children.

But now, Lord, You are our Father. We are the clay, and You are the Potter; and all of us are the work of Your hand.  – Isaiah 64:8

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