A Christmas Blessing

This is Tessa and her children.

Tessa struggled with alcohol and drug abuse despite growing up with both parents in her household. Being the eldest of 6 children, Tessa said, “I had good parents.” 

When Tessa was old enough to take care of herself, she moved out and started dating a man who began to abuse her physically and emotionally. She became addicted to pills and meth and her life began to spiral downward. 

“Somedays, there was nothing to eat, so I used drugs to take away the hunger pains,” said Tessa. “I supplied drugs to other users which gave me a roof over my head, but I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t trust anyone around me. It was survival.”

Tessa became pregnant and wanted a way out, but saw no way. She tried unsuccessfully to get clean on her own. After countless years of physical abuse, Tessa decided she wanted a better life for her two girls.

So Tessa began going back and forth to her mother’s house trying to get sober, but she was still stuck in addiction. She eventually was arrested and lost custody of her children.

Losing her children was rock-bottom for Tessa, and she even considered taking her own life. Tessa knew she had to have a life-changing experience to end this cycle, and heard about Open Door Mission. She knew she needed the Lord to intervene and change her situation or it would only continue.

“I asked God for a way out,” said Tessa.

Open Door Mission’s New Life Recovery Program at the Lydia House seemed like the answer to Tessa’s prayers. At the Lydia House, Tessa received structure, support, training, and discipleship to make a real change.

“The ladies at the Lydia House really cared about me getting clean and prayed for me. They shared daily scripture with me and encouraged me to get my kids back. I finally found God, a real relationship with the Lord, and peace in my heart,” said Tessa.

“I forgave all the people that hurt me,” said Tessa. “My kids were returned to me within a week of coming to Open Door Mission, which was a true miracle.”

“Open Door Mission is a safe haven for my kids and feels like home to us,” Tessa said. “Open Door Mission is a BLESSING for the people who can’t do it on their own. I am very grateful.”

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.  – 2 Corinthians 5:17


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