Providing Hope

Jaquan was born and raised in Missouri. He grew up in a large family and has always known the love of two hard-working parents. For most of Jaquan’s life, he did not struggle with substance abuse. However, that all changed when he was 21 years old and first started taking the prescription pain killer known as Hydrocodone. This led to a stronger type of pain killer known as Oxycodone. Jaquan states that the drugs became too expensive on the streets and he was eventually introduced to heroin by a friend.

“My addiction to opioids led me in and out of homelessness,” said Jaquan, “My life started to spiral out of control and it placed a strain on my family relationships.”

In February, Jaquan was attempting to make a drug deal, when the people he was buying from robbed and stabbed him. Jaquan escaped and was taken to the hospital, having been stabbed 5 times. While Jaquan recovered in the hospital, his parents and siblings intervened. They contacted Open Door Mission about the New Life Recovery Program. After Jaquan’s release, he joined the program in hopes of finding healing and sobriety.

“My first time entering the Open Door Mission, I was nervous and scared.” said Jaquan, “But everyone was welcoming and I knew that I was in a safe place.”

Since Jaquan joined the program, he has grown spiritually closer with God and has become physically healthier by eating nutritious meals. He has developed a better work ethic as a student in the New Life Recovery Program. He is often assisting in the kitchen by cooking, preparing, and serving meals.

Once Jaquan graduates the program, he plans to acquire independent housing, a stable income, and further his education. “Continuing my walk with God, maintaining sobriety, and providing a good life for my son is what is most important to me after I graduate,” said Jaquan.

Those who provide and donate to the Open Door Mission’s life-changing programs give people HOPE for a new life. “This life change could not have happened without the donors and partners who give,” says Jaquan. “I am very appreciative of everyone who helps people like me.”


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Going back to school is an exciting time for most children. For children experiencing homelessness and poverty, the first day of school can be difficult.



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