Blessed are Those That Persevere

Christina at the program.

Christina grew up in a single-parent home with three brothers. Her mother worked a lot to provide for them. Being the oldest, many household responsibilities fell on Christina, such as cooking, cleaning, and caring for the two youngest.

At age 16, Christina began to rebel by dropping out of school, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and using drugs.

Christina’s beautiful daughter was born when she was 20. However, Christina’s addictions expanded to include methamphetamines.

Despite attempts to get sober, Christina kept falling back into her addiction. She rotated staying with family members and friends until they kicked her out.

“It felt impossible without a degree to get a job where I could afford a stable place for my daughter and me, let alone go to court to get my rights back,” said Christina. “That hopelessness fed my addiction.”

One day, Christina’s mom picked her up from a bad situation. Her mom took her to Open Door Mission, explaining that their family wanted Christina to get help, but didn’t know how to help her. They were finished enabling her.

“It was the last place I wanted to go,” said Christina. “But during my intake process at the Lydia House, I was actually honest about having an addiction, which I had never admitted before. I saw a ray of hope that this program might work.”

Christina joined the New Life Recovery Program and slowly began to share in class, being honest with herself and others.

“I’ve learned that it’s not about making deals with God,” said Christina. “The Lydia House staff taught me that it’s a relationship; it’s daily time with Him. That turned a lot of things around for me. I used to spend a lot of time being anxious and dwelling on the past. But now, I don’t worry about anything. It’s better to be in the moment. And that’s where Jesus is with us each day.”

Since graduation, Christina began working full-time as a Lydia House Family Support Worker. She loves working with ladies who
are going through the same things she experienced.

“I get to share that there is light at the end of the tunnel and a future beyond what they’re going through,” said Christina. “Gaining life skills in classes, and being able to apply them to your life is what makes the program worth it.”

Christina has moved into an apartment and has a room for her daughter. Their relationship is healing, and Christina is now up to two visits a week. This month also marks Christina’s one year of sobriety!

“He knows my needs, and I say thank you for the opportunity to be here, thank you for the perseverance to get where I am,” said Christina.

It’s because of friends like you that Christina had the opportunity for lasting change, and is now pouring into others. Thank you!


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