A Hope When All Seems Lost

This is Jessica and her baby.

It was in late 2019 when Jessica would find herself back in a jail cell. She had gone through this process several times before but this time she would be searching for change.

Jessica grew up in Omaha and after divorce had struck her family at a young age she was then raised by her father. When Jessica turned 14 year old, she began using meth and living a life familiar to addiction, jails and homelessness would soon follow. Her actions and substance abuse grew worse over the years and this created a significant divide between Jessica and her family.

“My addiction caused me to lose a lot of things in life”, says Jessica. “I lost many jobs, relationships and stable housing.”

These behavioral patterns carried on throughout some very difficult seasons of life. Following an arrest in 2019, Jessica faced a long term jail sentence. She knew that something had to change because she was tired of re-living in the same cycle. While Jessica sat in jail, a re-entry specialist told her about the New Life Recovery Program at the Open Door Mission. The moment that Jessica heard it was a Christ centered rehabilitation program it instantly peaked her desire to join. After Jessica was released from jail, she arrived at the Lydia to begin the New Life Recovery Program.

“I distinctly remember the feeling of being overwhelmed and noticing how everyone was so welcoming” said Jessica. “The guests and staff wanted to pray with me as I started my new journey.”

Christ, the caring environment and those who have invested into Jessica’s life have radically reshaped her character into something that it never was before. Jessica has grown through accountability and has become a woman who is trusted and consistent in her word and action. As an advanced student, she is looked up to and has acquired important responsibilities which she is now more than capable of handling.

For the future, Jessica looks forward to bonding with her children and being able to allow God to repair the broken relationships within her family. She also desires to help other women who are burdened by addiction just as she once was in her past.

To all the Open Door Mission donor’s, Jessica wants you to know that “Open Door Mission offers a new perspective on life. It is a place that gives hope when all things seem lost. It offers a connection to God and it gives a sense of self-worth. This is a really good place.”


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