Act Fast to Save the Food Pantry!

Man buying food for the foood pantry.

At a time when more and more hungry people need our hot meals and food pantries, the cost of getting the food is rising higher than we can afford. We made it through the holiday season feeding everyone, but now our cost to keep the food pantry open is beyond us.

I saw this coming before Christmas. I knew in January or February of this year we would have to shut down the community food pantry programs. And that is so sad because close to 1,000 hungry people come here every day. They cannot afford healthy food as well as rent and other expenses. They really need this place.

Then a God-thing happened. A call came in from a friend saying he knew someone who can send us a trailer load of good, healthy food for pennies on the dollar. All we had to do was ship it to Omaha. Will you help save our food pantry?