Baby Shower

You are expecting a new baby, what joy. You begin planning the nursery filled with all you will need to care for the new baby. There is so much needed for such a little one…Pack-n-Play, baby swing, highchair, stroller, bouncy chair and so much more! Your mind begins to whirl as you start thinking about all the other items you will need…bottles, blankets and pacifiers to name a few. Then there are clothes and diapers, don’t forget the formula and baby food too.

Suddenly it becomes overwhelming to provide for this new child…because you are also homeless. At Open Door Mission’s Lydia House mothers can find safe shelter and nutritious meals. There is emotional and spiritual support but, we need your help to provide all the items a new baby requires. During the month of February Lydia House has a “Baby Registry” at Amazon, Walmart and Target. You can shop from home and have the items delivered directly to Open Door Mission. Your gifts, from strollers to pacifiers, will bless the mother and the baby. Please shop for Lydia House’s Virtual Baby Shower…give the gift of hope for a better life.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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