You Sheltered ME from the Cold

Jan 10, 2007  |     |   General

I know, I know……. that it has been days and weeks, since I last blogged. Enough, reminder emails. It hasn’t been my fault. I am very technically challenged. I do not even try to hide it. But the Open Door Mission is experiencing extreme difficulties with their email and internet system which is believed to stem with a new firewall. Hopefully, it all will be well real soon. Thank you for your patience and continued support. It has been truly frustrating for me, too.

Wow, anyone who spent good money heading south the first part of this month really got jipped. The weather has been balmy and mild. Unfortunately, that is about to change big time. The Open Door Mission is busy making preparations for the cold front that is headed this way to stay the remainder of the winter.

Please think of the Open Door Mission for those extra linens, blankets, towels and face clothes. When the cold weather hits the Metro, Open Door Mission and Lydia House will see a huge increase in need.

Thank goodness the community is generous and so many men, women and children can say,” You Sheltered Me From The Cold.”