You Can Make an Impact with Your Gently Used Items

This is a fabulous note from the front lines of a consumer who benefits from gently used items for FREE. Amy is a working mother that took the time to say, “ Thank you!” This is worth your read. ( Used with permission) ~ Candace

“ I wanted to send a thank you message as I have gone to the Timberlake Outreach Center for the past five years.
The help from TOC truly does help break the cycle of homelessness and I’m proof. I’ve been in the same house for 5 years. I can afford my bills but can’t buy household items like furniture etc. Over the last 5 years , 75% of what I have in my house is from Open Door Mission. Not to mention the toys for my children. My kids can focus on their childhood and not feel like they are different or less than others.
I know with Covid programs like these are the first to be shut down but honestly to a person that desperately in need – it it’s no different than going to Walmart for food for me.
I am a single parent. So I appreciate all of the extra effort in order to make it still functional and safe for everybody. I can really tell a difference in the amount of money I spend on the extra food, household items, and bath supplies when I did not come for a few months.
I think it would be really great for people to see photos of things that they get from the donation center. Maybe, then the people that donate them can see the difference that they make in people’s lives.
I got a pillow for my daughter last month and she just loves it. My son got a monster toy. I’m sure they were just random items to somebody but the happiness they give them is hard to describe. Thank you. ~Amy “

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