You Are Not Disqualified

Mar 11, 2016  |     |   General

     Recently, I was meeting with a client during our weekly community interviews.  We were going over general rules and what it is like to live at the Lydia House.  As she asked her questions, she became intrigued when she learned how centered Open Door Mission is around Christ and God’s word. 
     She asked, “So if I lived here would I be able to join a Bible study?”
     I responded by saying that of course we would love to see her do that. 
     She responded hesitantly, “Would I still be able to even though I have a disability?  I’ve been told I wouldn’t be good at that since I have trouble learning and remembering.”
     My heart instantly broke for her.  The shame she had in her voice as she explained her disability led me to so many emotions.
     I wish she could see herself as God sees her.  I wish she knew God’s heart for the disabled.  I wish she knew how much God loves her, despite all the lies she believes about herself.  I wish she knew how He wrote the Gospel for her!  So many “wishes,” but mainly my heart wanted her to know that she is not disqualified from knowing Christ and what he did for her.
     It led to a good conversation, and I prayed she would leave encouraged.
     Now flash forward to last week when this guest was moving into the Lydia House.  She stopped by my office, explaining that she was getting her stuffed moved in and quickly letting me know she still wanted to join a Bible study.  The gleam of hope that lit up her eyes was something I did not see the last time.  I was able to give her a Bible we had on hand.
     Today she talked with me again.  She said she got a list of different Bible studies she could join from her case manager.  I am thankful to work alongside godly people, thankful that I know her case manager will be guiding her patiently as she processes everything.
     I pray that this woman will see God intervening in her life, and that she will experience His love for her.  Will you join me in this prayer?

Lindsay Wyant
Leasing Specialist