Yes, It is Sad

Recently a graduate of Open Door Mission’s New Life Recovery Program relapsed. It is sad in so many ways, especially for the person who relapses. Suddenly, all your hard work seems for naught. Those of us that have been touched by their life are saddened, but still hold them close to our heart and in our prayers.

 We know that Christ has not given up on them and is holding His arms open wide for them to return to the fold. Our sadness is tempered by the fact the best and most we can do is pray for them. We know that all of us cannot judge because we have been forgiven much. So say a prayer today for those in recovery, it is a lifelong journey. Pray also for our graduates, making their way in a world filled with evil and lies. Do not be quick to judge but be quick to pray.






Maggie Cope
Donor Relations Coordinator

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