Aug 12, 2013  |     |   General

Last Friday I had the opportunity to graduate six people from my WorkNet class. It was one of the best graduations that we have ever held for a couple reasons. First, while there were six people graduating, I had two others that were not able to make their graduation because they were working! Of the 8 people that started the class 2 had already found employment before the end of the class, and a third found a position the day of graduation! The second reason that this WorkNet graduation was so AMAZING was because one of my former WorkNet graduates, Dean F., was able to come to graduation to be our special speaker. Dean graduated WorkNet July 2012, and has been in his full time job for a year! He is making positive changes in his life and it is showing. He shared how taking WorkNet helped him to focus his career goals and get his Dream Job in customer service. He has been very successful at his job and has made his bonus each month!  This is what I LOVE to hear, people achieving their goals and living their dreams!

If you know someone who would like to change their life and pursue their Dream Job have them call me to enroll in WorkNet!! Classes start the first Monday of the month!

Noelle Pee
WorkNet Director