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One of the wonderful programs offered at Open Door Mission is WorkNet. It is available to both residents and the community, and is taught by Joy Stevens. During the three-week class, students learn what skills and interests they have. They practice interview techniques, beef up their résumés, and actually begin the job search process.

I asked one of our clients, Carla, about her experience. She said, “It got me on the path God intended for me…with Joy’s help. It’s a place to discover your purpose.” For Carla, that included going back to college – working toward degrees in Chemical Dependency Counseling and Social Work. She wants to “bless others as she has been blessed”; more importantly, she wants to set an example for her son.

Another student, Rachel, said to me, “I’m tired of being poor. I want something better for myself and my family. Now I know I can make that happen.” After completing WorkNet, she applied for and obtained a position in the medical field. It pays well, even though Rachel does not have her GED. She wants to find something better, but knows this job will allow her to support her family – while working toward her GED.

What I see in the people who complete WorkNet, is a look of pure joy on their faces…that same look soon-to-be mothers often have. They are full of possibility and potential, and this new hope shines through. They know something wonderful and amazing is about to happen. They cannot wait for the future and what God has in store for them.

Micole Harms
Learning Center Director

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