Working as a Team

May 18, 2016  |     |   General

     Last week, I was overwhelmed by how much the Open Door Mission family works as a team.
     78 sixth grade students, their three teachers, and four parents came to see Open Door Mission.  Thanks to Travis in the IT Department, they were able to watch a video about the Mission in the chapel.  Thanks to the Hospitality Department, they had a lunch that many declared as being “the best.”
     These are children from a school that is considered high risk, inner city.  One young man told me, “Thank you, I haven’t been this full of food in a long time.”  The teachers said that for many of the children, it was like a holiday meal for them.
     Thanks to the men who stayed after their meal to talk to, engage with, and smile at the kids, they felt so welcomed.  I am especially grateful for Johnathan who drew pictures for the kids.  He also took time to talk one-on-three with some boys that needed to hear about the importance of education.
     Thanks to Rachel who spoke to the kids at Lydia House, they were able to understand some hard facts about being a homeless kid.  And thanks to Alexandria, who helped me split the kids into two groups, we were able to give them a whirlwind tour before the buses came.
     So many of the kids talked about how Open Door Mission wasn’t what they thought it was going to be.  Some children asked if it was really true that you didn’t have to live at the Mission to get clothes or food (all the bread impressed them).  Many asked how old they had to be to volunteer or would it be okay to tell other people about us.
     It was only because of so many people coming together that these kids’ eyes were opened to the truth at Open Door Mission.  These are the people I am privileged to interact with regularly, but only because all of you work hard every day changing lives.  Thank you!

Maggie Cope
Community Relations Coordinator