Wisdom and Understanding

The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom.

Though it costs all you have, get understanding.

     Have you ever found yourself providing “solutions” for situations you know nothing about? For instance, “if this is their life, why don’t they just (insert solution) to change things?”
This is a question I often hear and don’t pretend to have the answer to.  It is easy for us to provide solutions when we have never been in other people’s shoes. Our “solutions” or “advice” is limited by the extent of our own life experiences.
Serving on the Streets Ministry gives me an opportunity to build relationships with people and introduce them to one of the most powerful weapons we have, prayer.
     It is an honor to utter the words, “can I pray for you,” and be answered with a reluctant, “yes.” Why? Because the Holy Spirit fills me to pray the perfect words over each individual who accepts. I get to witness a release of tears, offer an embrace and the words that God is always with us no matter what “mess” we are in. Not only that, I get to remind them every time I see them how much God loves them! I also get to celebrate with them when they tell me how God has moved in their lives. Those are my favorite testimonies! 🙂
God is so amazing in how He works through us!
Misti Mitchell
Streets of Omaha Volunteer Coordinator
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