Wildlife Storyteller

Jul 18, 2013  |     |   General

At the Open Door Mission Lydia House two-thirds of our children are under 10 years old.  For these young children, bedtime can be a nightly struggle.  Even more difficult is when a family has just moved in.  Usually they have come from a situation of great stress and possible trauma and are trying to get settled as much as possible.


This is where Wanda Meador and Friends of the Friendless come in.  Upon moving in each child receives a Wildlife Storyteller (a stuffed elephant, lion, tiger, or teddy bear that tells Bible stories and sings bedtime lullabies).  The children love it!  Suddenly they have something to snuggle up to at nighttime that is their very own.  And this special gift is more than just a stuffed animal; it sings them to sleep and tells them Bible stories.  Countless times in Bible Club I have begun telling a Bible story only to be interrupted by a child who finishes it for me.  When I ask “How did you know that?” they respond “My elephant told me.”  This great blessing would not be possible without the generosity and love of Wanda and Friends of the Friendless.  Thank you so much!


Rachel Fisher

Lydia House Children & Youth Director