“Why do You Care About Bums Like Us?”

Aug 14, 2017  |     |   General

     As we approached a group of gentlemen sitting on a couch in the middle of an empty lot, I instantly felt warmth in my heart for them. Their smiling faces and sincere thank yous came from somewhere deep down inside these men’s hearts. It was almost as if they were telling us a story of their struggles through their tears.
     I couldn’t take my eyes off of this one particular individual that they call Cuba. He ran up to our group and shook all of our hands very humbly. I looked over and saw a huge tree with a hand-made tree swing. Cuba noticed that I was looking at the swing and asked if I would try it out. I agreed to take a little swing, and as I did the laughter and joy coming from the group we were serving put a smile in my heart. 
     As I got off the swing, Cuba asked me, “Ms. Jessica, why do you care about bums like us? Why did you take the time to swing with us?”
     I instantly had tears running down my face and I said, “Cuba! You are not a bum, you are very special to me and to God! He sees your pain, He knows your struggle, and He sent us here to remind you of His perfect love for you. This alcohol will never love you back. It only destroys. Jesus is the cure.”
     I looked over my shoulder and saw a few others listening. We shook hands and as we got in the van, Cuba was pondering this conversation but He wasn’t the only one. Many of our volunteers were touched by Cuba and found that they had compassion and love for a man they had just met.
     Cuba received food, water, some soap, and socks during our Streets of Omaha stop. But above everything, Cuba got to hear about our Father’s love for him and through us see the proof of that love. We were sent by God to remind Cuba how much he is cared for, that God sees him, and that God has never left him.
     The streets of Omaha volunteers get to do this every day. They get to remind people how precious they are to Jesus! We do this one sack lunch at a time. What a blessing it is! 

Jessica Coffey
Volunteer Program Coordinator