Who Is that Guy in the Warehouse?

That guy is Chris Atkins, the warehouse manager and organizer of gift-in-kind donations to Open Door Mission. Chris has a formidable job…he never knows exactly what he is going to get or how much. He gets to drive the forklift, moving items around the campus and warehouse. He has to find the storage places and make room if there isn’t any space. It is a solitary job, but one Chris is well suited for.

Chris is quiet and introspective, but a hard worker. He says he works for Christ first and foremost. Chris’ demeanor reflects his love of the Lord. Like most of us, he had a time of “rebellion” and let anger dominate. He said that “anger is an awful sin.” One of the reasons he likes working at Open Door Mission is because of the attitude of “grace.” For Chris “grace” is a defining aspect of his life. He recognizes that he has been shown grace and been forgiven. “God’s plan” is the best way to live. Chris shows God’s love and grace in how he does his job and treats others.

Working alone most of the time gives Chris time to reflect on God’s goodness though the generosity of what he sees coming in. Working with little to no constant supervision, his workmanship is proof that he is a “workman that needs not to be ashamed”. The “behind the scenes” job Chris does for Open Door Mission affects all of the services we are able to provide to those in need. He honors our donors by making sure their donations are cared for. He honors our guests by making sure their needs can be met in a timely manner. Working quietly for God and the Open Door Mission, Chris is making a difference in the lives of others.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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