Who Do You Watch? Where Are You Focused?

Aug 18, 2013  |     |   General

When an orchestra gets ready to play, every musician has their eyes on the conductor. As he stands above the crowd, he raises his baton. Each musician knows their music well and has spent many hours practicing for this performance. But the conductor knows the responsibility for the timing and execution of the piece rests on him. When he gives the signal, the musicians lift their instruments and start playing. Beautiful music fills the room. BUT throughout the performance the musicians keep their eyes on the conductor and their music.

In life, God is our ‘conductor’ and the Bible is our ‘music’. God oversees each detail of our lives and His timing is perfect. When we wait for God’s cues and direction, He guides every ‘note’ of our lives and orchestrates every moment to ‘create a masterpiece’ that sings His praise and gives Him glory. There are so many things in life that try to get our attention and change our focus. But if we know our ‘music’ well and lock our eyes on our ‘great conductor’ and let Him direct us, we can make beautiful music. After all, He is the ‘master musician’ and He wrote the ‘music’.

Let’s make some beautiful music!


Lynnette Walter,

Development Associate