Which Bible are You?

You often hear the phrase “you are the only Bible some people will ever read.” There are all types of Bibles in this world, the number of translations alone are daunting. What kind of “used” Bible are you? Are you the Bible that sits on the shelf most of the year? You know that Bible…it is taken off the shelf, dusted and used for those special times, like Christmas and Easter? The only time you show your faith is on the “holidays”, because then it is “safe” to express your faith.  Are you the “showy” Bible? That’s the Bible that has everything you need in one book…its amplified, indexed, has commentaries by Bible scholars, a concordance, other Bible references for verses and has the thumb index so you can quickly find any book in the Bible. This Bible helps you look like a Bible scholar in Sunday school or Bible study; the only problem is the pages are still like new, no highlighting or notes in the margins. This Bible is used, but lacks the “character” of listening closely to what God has to say.

Then there is the “well read” Bible. It can be all the “showy” Bible is with some major differences. The pages aren’t pristine, some may even have tear stains. There are passages highlighted or underlined, or both. You will find

notes in the margins from sermon, Bible studies and Sunday school. Sometimes there are probing questions written on the flyleaves, and pertinent verses reference the answers to the questions. It stuffed with sermon notes and study guidelines. As this Bible grows older, it is used to share with others the Gospel, and God great love, mercy, forgiveness and grace. The leather cover feels softer and comfortable in your hands. Favorite verses and passage seem to open automatically to the right page with the right words of wisdom. This Bible has the “character” of maturity, of being loved and being willing to share the gospel. Which Bible are others reading when they are around you?

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