What Does Your Check Say About You?

I am privileged to help out processing incoming checks for the Development Department. Some days (and seasons) we receive lots of checks, and sometimes, not so many. During the past few years I have gotten to “know” our donors through their checks. It is easy to tell someone’s interest, beliefs or favorite sport/team by the artwork on their check. We do get a lot of “faith based” checks, the Huskers definitely rule college sports, but there are others that express other interests. I wonder if people realize that their checks act as a billboard for their concerns, interests and beliefs. Who it is written to shows what they value.
The variety of handwriting is amazing…some are neatly hand printed, you can tell those that learned the Palmer method of cursive and then the IT people who have the computer print them off. Cursive writing has an unbelievable amount of styles, from readable to very unreadable. Spidery handwriting brings memories of my grandparents writing…people still faithful in their giving. Bold writing, done with a flair, makes me think of a younger group of people. They may be just starting their support of Open Door Mission. Then there is the rushed or scribbled handwriting… are these people really busy or just in a hurry? I notice that they did take time to make sure Open Door Mission is supported in their mission.
Then there is the cash donations, they are equally telling. The person that carefully tape 6 quarters to the receipt…how important to him that he give back to God. Crumpled dollar bills, carefully soothed out but still showing wear and tear of a lot of use now go to feed a child. Even tens and twenties carefully counted and wrapped in a sheet paper before being mailed have stories to tell.
These checks and money are representative the vast variety of donors that support Open Door Mission. So whether the donation is quarters or $10,000 checks each gift is precious in God’s sight and in ours. The widow’s mite or the rich man’s abundance, all come together to change the lives of the homeless and hopeless. Thank you to all our donors, you donation makes a different.

Maggie Cope
Gift In Kind Coordinator

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