What a Blessing

Jun 22, 2015  |     |   General

     What a blessing it is to be able to work with broken, sad, and tired souls at Open Door Mission’s Lydia House.  You may be asking yourself, “Why do you feel that way?”  It’s heartbreaking to watch someone come through our doors with just the shirt on their, back seeking refuge after hitting rock bottom.  Most of the time they have lost all hope and have no faith in God’s word.  I feel as though I’ve been called to help restore God’s Word in the broken.  I will be the first to tell you that my job is not an easy task, but I love it with all of my heart.
     What a blessing it is to watch the same individuals who were once broken, walk back into the world changed, with their head held high, and basking in the glory of how God is moving in their lives.  It’s amazing to see the transformation of lives with a lasting impact, from our guests gaining employment to overcoming addiction to signing an apartment lease.  Open Door Mission is full of love, faith, and hope.  What a blessing is to be a part of something so anointed.  I can’t imagine anything better. 

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.  John 1:16

Shawntel Scaife
Day House Supervisor