We Are All Rescues

Recently a friend sent the attached picture to me. I laughed and enjoyed the irony. I have 2 rescue cats that feel I belong to them. The more I looked at the picture I began see that there is a lot of truth in it. All of us are “rescues” and God is helping us deal with our issues. God has rescued us from a life of sin. God works on us daily refining our life to be the best it can be. God both loves us and disciplines us.

I work at a Gospel Rescue Mission. It is the job of all our staff to help rescue those coming to Open Door Mission. How do we “rescue” them…we provide the basics of life and share the gospel. Just as the gospel rescued me (and all our staff); the gospel can rescue those seeking love, hope and a better life. People that come to Open Door Mission are just like all of us, they need forgiveness and unfailing love. They find that love and forgiveness in the gospel message and in the staff. God helps us work out our issues so we can serve Him by helping others work on their issues and grow strong in Christ.

Sometimes a picture can say a lot more than just a couple simple lines. Sometimes it can make you think …and realize just how blessed you are to be a “rescue”. How blessed you are to have a Heavenly Father that wants only the best for you. How blessed we are to work at Open Door Mission where the mission is to help rescue others and share God’s love and forgiveness.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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