We are all equally loved by Christ

Aug 30, 2011  |     |   General

Having no children of my own, I had never been able to understand how my mom is able to love me and my three siblings equally. For years I was convinced that she loved my little brother more than she loved me, and my sisters are convinced that my mom loved me more than she loved them. My brother says that he knows he is the favorite! For years my mom would say that they she loved us all equally. I didn’t buy it! That is until recently.

I have just finished my second, month long, WorkNet class. My first class had 9 students, my second had 3. At the start of the second class I was convinced that there was no way that I would enjoy this new class nearly as much as my first. I had fewer students, and the class was 5 days shorter so I had to cram 20 days of work into 15 days, there would be no time for fun and games! How surprised I was!

While the class was smaller, they were very eager to learn. They asked great questions and we had good discussions. One student in particular, John, brought a vast amount of fun and energy to the class. He would often have us laughing until our sides hurt! Because this group was smaller we were able to move quickly through the material. I soon fell in love with this small group of students.

As the graduation ceremony concluded, I sat in the classroom reflecting on the similarities and differences between the two classes. Just like my brother, sisters and I are very different, so were these classes. Each class had its own personality and group dynamic; as well as its own struggles and challenges. But each class touched my heart and changed me in many ways. If you were to ask me which class I loved more, I would have to say that I loved them both equally. I finally get it. I understand what my mom meant when she said she loved us all the equally. I am excited to start my next class in a few days, to open my heart once again to another group of amazing people. I am looking forward to seeing them grow and develop skills that will help change their lives. And to see how in turn they will change my life.

Noelle Pee