WAHOO first comments posted..

May 23, 2006  |     |   General

Well, I never thought that the price of gas would prompt someone to comment. This is awesome:)

The Open Door Mission would love volunteers to donate their time and resources picking up donated items. Perhaps, right in your neighborhood or from your local church parking lot. This would allow the Open Door Mission to be better stewards of their resources. If you would like more information on this volunteer opportunity or others contact Open Door missions Volunteer Manager at volunteer@opendoormission.org

Golfing for a cause could be this past weekends theme. The Applied Underwriters and Alpha Sigma Omega Sorority held golf tournaments to benefit the Lydia House. Infact, Yvonne and one of our board members, Jim, golfed in the tournaments. I shouldn’t comment on Yvone’s talent, hacker, but our board members foursome won.