Volunteering, Giving to the Community

I love to share about our volunteers; they are so special and vital to Open Door Mission. We are blessed to have Ashley, who just happens to be a nurse practitioner. She is a very welcome addition to our clinic. She began seeing patients of all ages in mid-August. Before she started at the clinic Ashley had volunteered in other areas of Open Door Mission. She worked in the kitchen doing food prep, a monumental task sometimes. She also worked at the Timberlake Outreach Center making sure the clothing was readily available for the shoppers. I asked her why she chose to volunteer at Open Door Mission.  Ashley replied “It didn’t take long to see what an impact the open door mission has on the community. The programs offered by this organization are phenomenal. They truly help people rebuild after some of the most difficult times. This is something I can certainly relate to.”

She saw the impact that Open Door Mission has on the community, as well as those we serve through the New Life Recovery program. She chose to reach out, even though she has a busy life already. Open Door Mission appreciates her taking time from her family to be a part of our family. Her family includes not only 2 dogs, but her son’s bearded dragon and leopard gecko. Her love of true Mexican dishes may have the kitchen asking for her help, but the clinic needs her. Please welcome Ashley to the clinic and the Open Door Mission family.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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