Jul 30, 2013  |     |   General

We are volunteers at the Open Door Mission.  Prior to our retirement from full time employment we discussed where we wanted to invest some time and energy.  Open Door Mission has been a part of our lives for 30 plus years.  They have proven to be faithful to God, all they do is done with integrity, and we support their mission and values.  They reach out to those in need in our community, so we can see the fruit of their labor.  We have been given many blessings; this gives us the opportunity to be a blessing to those in our community. It is an expression of our gratitude and the testimonies affirm that our monies are used wisely.


We invite you to join us at Friends of the Friendless (FOF) monthly meeting and luncheon. This special time provides fellowship with like-minded Christians; plus we hear the stories from those that have been impacted by their stay at the mission; and did we mention the food is great?

Our favorite service project is working in the business office where we began in February, 2012.

We were well established when we joined the FOF in July, 2012.  We like this area as the staff have been very gracious, appreciative and anticipate our coming.  There is a variety of projects we help with. We have never run out of things to do and there are always envelopes to prepare for mailings.  You’ve heard the phrase ‘timing is everything’?  We think they time their projects to coordinate with our volunteer time twice a month on Tuesday afternoons.  We keep coming back because we are now mutually dependent on each other!!  The office staff has become extended family to us and we love all of them.

Danny and Esther Miller