Volunteer Blessings

Oct 20, 2009  |     |   General

What a busy week it has been at Open Door Mission! As you probably know, busy means blessing here at Open Door Mission, and the blessings certainly poured into the Volunteer Department this week. We had some amazing guys stop by from a group called “Heart Hats”. These men are tradesmen from all over the country, working in the Omaha area. In their spare time, they share their talents and skills with nonprofit organizations. These new friends built a storage unit in our kitchen, replaced a wall in the dining room, and built some terrific new storage bins in the Timberlake Outreach Center.

The busyness (blessings) continued into the weekend. We had several groups of young people dig in and put together some new clothes racks in the TOC so we can get more of your gently used clothing donations hung up and available for our clients. That cleared the way for bringing in more of those donations, which they did, smiling the whole time.

In the afternoon the warehouse was blitzed (sorry I couldn’t resist) by some members of the Millard West football team who joined another kind of team in reorganizing our warehouse pantry in preparation for putting together thousands of Turkey ‘N’ Fixin’s boxes next month.

I would love to tell you that it was an extraordinary week, but I think all of our volunteers are extraordinary. It continues to be my honor and pleasure to serve Open Door Mission. On behalf of the Volunteer Department I want to say thank you, and bless you!

Cris Morris
Volunteer & Partner Director