Urgent Need for Over-The-Counter Medicine

Jul 5, 2010  |     |   General

“Ms. Kate, I have a really bad headache. Do you have an aspirin?”

“Ms. Kate, Jr. fell outside and skinned his knees and hands. Do you have any ointment and bandages?”

“Ms. Kate, I think I have a really bad cold/allergy coming on. Do you have any medicine?”

“Ms. Kate, my baby is cutting teeth and needs baby Tylenol or Orejel to help her sleep.”

“Ms. Kate, I think I have stomach ache. Do you have an Tums or Pepto?”

I get these questions daily. Unfortunately I don’t always have over-the-counter meds to give them. Every day, supplies we take for granted could keep our residents from making a trip to the doctor or ER.

Over-the-counter meds for…

  • Colds and Allergies would prevent bronchitis, pneumonia and eye infections for children and adults. Upper respiratory infections can be prevented here at the Mission, with your help.
  • Pain Relief and Fever Reduction help our clients from needing stronger, addictive narcotics for their pain. They are working hard to break the cycle of addiction. Ibuprofen or non-aspirin pain relievers could help them make wiser decisions in pain relief.
  • Coughs would help stop the spread of germs. We are trying to avoid outbreaks by keeping everything clean but if the coughing persists, and we have no medicine, it could become an epidemic. (Cough meds should be alcohol free for our adults and children.)

Please consider picking up extra over-the-counter meds for Open Door Mission next time you’re at the pharmacy.

Kate Fischer, LIMHP
Emergency Services Coordinator

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