Update from the Front Lines

Jul 10, 2007  |     |   General

Hi Candace! I just wanted to send you a quick email about how good God is!

Today, we were able to give 2 different clients NEW air conditioners!! It is so amazing how God works because both of these individuals had no idea that we even gave out air conditioners! In one instance, a gal who needs a double lung transplant and who is on oxygen all the time received an air conditioner because she lives in a trailer and it is so hot, she is having trouble breathing. This particular client had 2 different people calling on her behalf because they were concerned about her health and the hot weather!

The other client that received a NEW air conditioner is a gentleman who has prostate cancer and who has a severe heart condition. This gentleman lives in a trailer and it has been so hot that he has been spending the hot days in his cellar to stay cool. He also had no idea that we gave out air conditioners and a friend of his called and inquired on his behalf and then came and picked up the air conditioner and took it to him and also installed it for him! God is so good!!

Just wanted to say thanks to the donors who made this possible for these folks and the others who will receive air conditioners and fans!