Unsuspected Blessings

Several of the staff at Open Door Mission teach a class for the New Live Recovery Program along with their other duties. Teaching a class is a joy as we see our guests grow strong in their faith and recovery. Here is a “snippet of joy” from one of the teachers.

“I just want to share with you something that just happened that really put joy in my heart. I come to my job every day and go about doing what I do. It becomes a normal thing and I don’t give that too much thought. One morning was just another Monday morning until I went to teach my Conflict Resolution Class. I had a couple of new gals in there, along with the regulars. God showed up in a powerful way. And I didn’t see it coming. Sometimes those unplanned conversations in class can turn into “God moments”, and this morning as we talked about the Holy Spirit and how He works in us to help us show others His love, BOOM. It was palpable. We had an amazing conversation and closed by giving God the glory for that hour and this day. I left there feeling very lifted up. I take for granted that God is doing amazing things here. Sometimes He just needs to show me again. We are all sooo blessed to be a small part of what He is doing here. I encourage you to take a moment today to stop and drink from His cup today and be joyful. He is good.”  (Meredith, Heartland Circle Coordinator)

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