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This last June, I began my journey as Director of Lydia House at Open Door Mission. I came with expectations and preconceived ideas as to what I would experience in my day to day role. I was aware that Lydia House was a shelter for women and families; that sleeping accommodations were provided and hot meals were served three times a day. I knew I would minister to many people and would oversee the day-to-day operations. Yet, I did not expect to have so many of our clients touch my heart so deeply.

Over the past four months, those seeking a safe place to live have become part of my extended family. I found myself caring deeply for their well-being– spiritually, physically and emotionally. I look forward to the greetings I receive whenever I enter the door. I am blessed with one-on-one conversations, where I get better acquainted with the individual stories. I then gain a better understanding of what brought them to Lydia House in the first place. Yet, the greatest blessing of all, is seeing how real life-change is taking place in so many of our women and families. People who came without hope, now look to a future with promise. People bound by deep chemical addictions are being set free. People spiritually lost, have found Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their personal Savior. Those growing in their relationships with Him every day, now realize He is where their hope really comes from.

As you can see, Lydia House is a very special place. I would love to have you come and experience it first-hand. There are many volunteer needs (everywhere on Open Door Mission’s Campus) I know many of you could help meet. We can use additional support with clerical, janitorial, phone support, childcare, youth mentoring, librarian, event van drivers, life-skill coaches, activity hosts, and much more. I invite you to come….and be blessed.

Celeste Norman
Lydia House Director

Make a difference in the lives of others by donating your gently used clothing, furniture and household items. Donations can be dropped off at our receiving area now located on the east side of the Timberlake Outreach Center, 2107 E Locust St
• Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
• Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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