Turkeys and Hams, Oh My!

Would you like to help Open Door Mission feed 213,500 this holiday season?  In order to meet the growing need of providing holiday meals to the homeless, working poor, disenfranchised and those without family we need your help in stocking the Manna Pantry and our kitchen shelves. Through the Timberlake Outreach Center several thousand families will be able to shop for Turkey ‘N’ Fixin’s or Ham ‘N’ Fixin’s for holiday dinners in their own home (leftovers are the bonus)

At the Open Door Mission the kitchen will be busy fixing turkey and ham dinners for the thousand that will be seeking a hot meal served with a heaping side of hope. We will be a place of welcome and love as well as a hot meal. At our holiday tables there are families and singles, young and old and plenty to eat for all. Be a part of the blessing by donating a turkey or ham, or both! To see other holiday food needs please check out… https://www.opendoormission.org/urgent-needs/turkey-n-fixins/

Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator


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