True Valentine

Valentines’ Day is a time to turn your thoughts to love and loved ones. The card industry loves the day, as well as candy maker and jewelers. Why do we have Valentines’ Day? St. Valentine is celebrated because he took a stand that eventually cost his life. During the 260 ADs the ruling Caesar decided to ban all marriages, because he believed single men made better soldiers. Valentine decided he would not stand against true love and devotion. He secretly married those who came to him, sanctioning their marriage under the church. Claudius had Valentine beaten, stoned and beheaded for maintain his beliefs that marriage was sacred.

Jesus was also an enemy of the Caesars for the love of God and His principles. The love Christ had for sinners and the less fortunate lead to a worldwide religion. Christ loved so much He died for all sinners in order to for them to enter Heaven, forgiven and free. At Open Door Mission we present the Gospel to all the homeless and hopeless that enter our doors. The greatness of God’s love deserves to be shared daily, not just one day a year. So, celebrate St Valentine’ Day but make sure understand the true meaning of sacrificial love and forgiveness…Jesus Christ on the cross, dying and living for us.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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