TP House for Lydia House at Open Door Mission

Aug 20, 2012  |     |   General

Sunday morning I met and shared with some “Very Important Building crews “at Westside Church. The first through fifth grade Sunday school classes are going to “build” a “TP House “for Lydia and Open Door Mission. They will work the next 5 weeks on this project to give back to the community and help those in need.

Their project is very important because they are building the house out of Toilet Paper! The project will show how everyone can work together using “small bricks”, “medium bricks” or “large bricks” of toilet paper. They are going to see how big they can “build” the house by working together with all 5 of their groups (3 sessions at Westside dodge, Elkhorn and Fremont). Overseeing the construction are Miss Jenny and Mr. Caleb with the help of all the teachers. One of the children told me “since God has a big house we are going to build a big house too.”

Westside 8:00 AM Children’s Sunday School 
Westside 9:15 AM Children’s Sunday School

Westside 11:11 AM Children’s Sunday School

Westside Elkhorn Children’s Sunday School

In about 5 weeks I should have pictures of the TP House at Westside. Please check back to see what the “building crews” can do…with the faith of a child and lots of toilet paper. IF your Church or group would like to set up a TP Drive for Open Door Mission please give Maggie a call today at 402-422-1111 ext 1554 or e-mail her.