Toy & Joy Shop

Yesterday marked a big milestone for Open Door Mission: The first day of the Toy and Joy Shop. I was asked to help from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. and what an experience that was! In total, the Toy and Joy Shop served 550 children, and getting to be a part of that process was truly an honor.

As I was standing with the men and women awaiting their turn to shop for their children, they would share with me a little bit of their story….

“The father of my child left and it is just me looking after our son. I  am really struggling being able to afford all of it.”

“I was just diagnosed with breast cancer. As a single mom, I can’t keep a job and I do not have any money to put Christmas presents under the tree.”

“I graduated from the New Life Recovery Program and Open Door Mission is the reason I am still standing here, but I am having trouble finding housing. I am so thankful for everything that you have done and continue to do for me.”

These are just a few snippets from different testimonies I was able to hear yesterday. What a blessing!

My heart was overflowing with gratitude, because the employees of Open Door Mission could NOT do this without the help of our community. Thank you to the donors who stock the shelves with toys, thank you to the volunteers who help make things run smoothly, thank you to the prayer warriors who bless this place, thank you to everyone involved who make this event happen for boys and girls in need.

Lauren Catlett
Digital Communications Coordinator

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