Tom, A Changed Life

I am often asked if people “really” change? Are there success stories? Do people truly “break the cycle of homeless”? I can answer with a resounding YES! The following is from Tom, a former guest, that shows your support of Open Door Mission does make a difference, one life at a time.

I came to Open Door Mission in late October of 2018. I was utterly broken. Physically. Emotionally. But most of all spiritually. Open Door Mission took me in. Gave me food.  A bed. Storage for my belongings. Free medical care and medications. Most important of all they led me to a real relationship with Jesus Christ and His Father Almighty God. With the help and guidance of Open Door Mission along with Heartland Family Services, Community Alliance, SOAR, and Together Inc I now have my own apartment and am living independently. God has blessed me with so very much. Jesus has poured out the Holy Spirit into my heart in order that I may follow the correct path to glorify the Kingdom of Heaven. I would not have any of this if not for the Open Door Mission. May God bless the staff, volunteers, donors, guests, residents, programmers, and everyone else who keeps Open Door Mission available to those in need.

(Tom was encouraged to give back with that heart of gratitude. His chore was to organize the folding of the clean clothes daily. He has led a team well for some time now. Thank you all for pouring in to Tom as you have- his future looks so much brighter!!~ Pat McKernan, GTMC Director)





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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