Today I Will Make A Difference

May 25, 2017  |     |   General

     Today as I woke from my slumber, I stumbled into the bathroom to continue my everyday morning ritual and my eyes were awakened by the things I sometimes take for granted. I am blessed with the basic necessities in life….safe shelter, a warm bed, a hot shower, a toothbrush,  clean clothes, and shoes on my feet. I am fortunate to have reliable transportation so I can get to my job at Open Door Mission. 
     I had a career prior to choosing to work at Open Door Mission, but something inside me was pulling me to give back to the people who are hurting and less fortunate. It was something I could not ignore, no matter how much I tried. I was content with my current position, but I just could not shake that feeling from my heart. I was volunteering one evening a week at a local homeless shelter, but this ache was real. It was God calling me.
     Imagine life without a home. Imagine life without basic necessities. Imagine your children.  Imagine living outside in the rain and cold. Imagine not knowing where your next meal will come from or when you will get a chance to eat again.  I felt called to help these people.
     You know you are living a Godly life when you say yes to God when He calls you to do something, especially if you don’t have a clue how it will all go down. I believe Gospel living is very much like running a marathon. You can train, plan, eat well, give all your blood, sweat, and tears, and still feel like throwing up when the gun goes off. You can stumble and even fall down a few times. But whatever your delightfully impossible call from Him may be, you can bet that God is going to meet you every step of the way. Crossing the finish line is worth it all. 
     Every day I come to Open Door Mission, I pledge to myself that I Will Make a Difference TODAY!

Dawn Lindsey
Communications Specialist