Timberlake Outreach Center

Thank you to those staff members who have joined us in guest services this past week. So many have been blessed through you. Thank you!

I just  want to share something that I overheard yesterday. George has checked in guests all day. At the end he Was thanking a volunteer for her help in the manna pantry and he asked her if she knew those that she helped? He continued by telling her “ you helped a woman with lung cancer, a family that just lost everything, a man who just took in two foster children, one that had wanted to just give up and many more!

Both the volunteer and I were touched and gently reminded that those that come through our doors have a life story with great need. What George gave  to those guests was a prayer of blessing and of hope and a moment of his time to listen and show compassion. Those prayers unlock the door of Heaven and let the Love of Jesus flow into lives of those we serve.

There are those all around us that need a prayer and someone who cares. Thank you all for making Jesus known in your place  at ODM and beyond. His love changes everything!!

Blessings to you all.

Laura Keen
Homeless Prevention Director

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