Through the Fire

Terri once worked in the nursing field and lost certifications due to multiple DUIs. She had been working at Old Navy this past year, thinking that was all she could ever do. She struggled to sometimes even get 20 hours per week and would always pick up any extra shifts to have a shot at a decent check.
After the holidays, she met with someone at her church that specializes in marketing individuals. This woman updated Terri’s resume (for free!) and encouraged her. Terri left with the confidence that she can get back into more meaningful work despite her past.
She began to search and apply for jobs in the social service field. Terri had interviews and screenings but all ended in rejection.
The other week, she was at a low. She had for a second considered going back to live with her husband (very, very toxic) because that was the easier option. She wouldn’t have to worry about money, but would be back in an environment that would lead her back to drinking. We spoke about being tested in times where it feels like nothing is working out or God is not really seeing us. We talked about being others focused and praying for her husband, that he come to know God like she has.
After our conversation, she had a casual style interview with Release Ministries. The interviewer’s father had been in recovery for many years, so she knew Terri’s struggle. This position is a new one at Release Ministries so it may not have even existed when Terri began to apply for jobs.

I know God saw and heard Terri’s cries. He honored her for going through the fire, not around it!

Liana Martinez
Case Manager

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