Three Baptisms

Jul 26, 2017  |     |   General

     I take some guys with me to Sojourn Baptist Church on Sundays. Last Sunday, two of them were baptized! These two men are growing in Christ and doing well in the program. Pray for Daniel and Jeff. There is always spiritual warfare when people make the right decisions for Christ.
     There is another man named Roger who is staying on the emergency side. He is a believer that struggles with drug abuse, but is doing well right now. Recently, he voiced that he wants to be a member of Sojourn Baptist. He is getting fed there and is viably encouraged.
     So I talked with him about baptism. Roger was baptized as a child, but did so for his parents. We talked about how baptism is a personal decision, born out of a relationship with Christ, and he decided to take that step of obedience to Christ and be baptized!
     We will be going over what the scriptures teach about baptism for the next couple of weeks, and then we will baptize him at Sojourn Baptist Church. Praise God for His encouragement and for the movement of the Holy Spirit in the lives of our guests!

Greg Johnston
Health Care Case Manager