Thousands of Families Helped This Thanksgiving

Nov 11, 2015  |     |   General

     It’s been another record-breaking year for Open Door Mission’s Turkey ‘N’ Fixin’s sign-up, as thousands of families lined up to get a little help for Thanksgiving.
     The line last Saturday morning wrapped around the facility, and some people showed up as early as 6 a.m.  Staff opened the doors about 30 minutes earlier than scheduled due to the line.
     Open Door Mission’s annual giveaway provides free turkeys and a box of traditional sides to families in need.  One working mom said there is absolutely no shame in getting a little assistance during the holiday season.

     “I don’t make much money,” said Angela.  “I mean I work a minimum wage job, I got four kids and I don’t get help, so I figured I’d get all the extra help I could get.”
     People like Angela are exactly who the Mission aims to help with the Turkey ‘N’ Fixin’s program.  “This empowers low-income families to be in their own homes at Thanksgiving so they don’t have to come to Open Door Mission,” said Open Door Mission’s President/CEO, Candace Gregory. “We will serve a Thanksgiving brunch and banquet, but it’s so exciting to know that we’re empowering families to be in their own homes.”
     Hundreds of volunteers help make this possible each year by boxing up the food, and delivering it the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Open Door Mission is still about 2,000 turkeys short, so donations are needed.  Click here if you’d like to help.

This blog is adapted from WOWT6 News’ article, “Line Winds Around Open Door Mission for Thanksgiving Meal Sign-Up.”  To read the original article or watch the video, click here.