Thoughts on the Last Chemo

May 23, 2011  |     |   General

Thoughts on the Last Chemo

Thursday was my last chemo-a journey I started in February. It was God’s plan do this journey but I railed against it (a lot). Looking back I can say this cancer/chemo trip has been a blessing. I have met some awesome people in this journey and seen family and friends go way above and beyond to comfort and encourage me. My sister came from Maryland every month to be with me and volunteer at Open Door Mission!

There is Melissa the receptionist at UNMC Cancer Center. She sees hundreds of people every day that are scared and fearful, she could get jaded and shut herself off from the pain and hurt; yet she greets everyone with a smile, a compassionate listening ear and hugs. She just cares. We need people to volunteer at Open Door Mission that care too. Are you that someone that can listen, smile and encourage-if so we need you.

There are the nurses that willingly shared that they were Christians and prayed over their patients regularly, how encouraging. Do you like to pray? You can pray for Open Door Mission, our staff and clients. Ask God who you can pray for-I know he will put at least one name on your heart. We need your prayers.

There were the cancer patients (and their families) I was privileged to meet and pray with. Like many of the clients at Open Door Mission they have been through life altering experiences and are trying to live a new life, a life that is depend on hope. Are you willing to walk along a mother fleeing domestic violence, an addict struggling to be free and whole again, or a down and out Veteran to mentor, encourage and give hope for a new life? If so we need you.

There were the people in churches all over the Nebraska and Iowa area (even California) that pray regularly for me. All these people knew was I needed prayer. Is your church praying for Open Door Mission, the mission field in their own back yard? We need churches to show the way to the world with compassion and caring for the less fortunate. How is your church supporting local mission fields? We need you.

Sometimes what seems like a journey of pain and fear can become a journey of hope and discovery. I discovered that people want to encourage and give hope. You can encourage and give hope to so many by helping Open Door mission-no gift is too little, no time shared is too little and there is never enough prayer. Please come see how God is changing lives everyday-I know because the support and prayers from the staff, and especially the clients, helped me get through one on the hardest journeys of my life. You can do the same for so many hurt, hungry and homeless just by supporting Open Door Mission any way you can.

By God’s grace I will be a cancer survivor!

Maggie Cope
Communications Coordinator