Thoughts From the Schoolyard

I am blessed to speak to various middle and high schools in the area about homelessness. The students often write me notes about what they learned and how the information has affected them. I am always amazed the most of the young people have no concept of the effect of homelessness on society and their lives. I will share some of these comments in “Thoughts from the School Yard”. These are their words and thoughts-uncensored.

“I learned today that homelessness comes in all shapes and sizes. They deal with things every day that I could never dream of. The fact that they stay strong and get through every day is incredible. I would never be able to go through what homeless people go through.”

“I believe that most homeless people are no different from the rest of us. They are people too. They have feelings. People don’t understand that everyone has “baggage” or stuff that we keep in but, I’ve learned today…go in, seek out and get help, help and volunteer. It is embarrassing; it is unfortunate and not their fault.”

“I learned that a majority of homeless people are school aged. We tend to think of the guy on the side of the street and we look past the fact that our classmates could be one of them. A simple smile at someone can make them feel hopeful, and maybe wanting to live that day. Furthermore helping out someone can make the biggest impact.”






Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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