Thoughts From the School Yard

I am blessed to speak to various middle and high schools in the area about homelessness. The students often write me notes about what they learned and how the information has affected them. I am always amazed the most of the young people have no concept of the effect of homelessness on society and their lives. I will share some of these comments in “Thoughts from the School Yard”. These are their words and thoughts-uncensored.

“After the presentation it makes me want to go volunteer. I want to make a difference to all these people. I want them to feel better about themselves.”

“It was really interesting learning about what the Open Door Mission does exactly and what services they provide for homeless people and people dealing with poverty. It was surprising hearing about the cost of living and what things people had to give up because they had to prioritize other things.”

“I learned a lot about the sheer staggering numbers of Poverty and how it affects everyone in the community. I wholeheartedly support the Mission in their efforts to assist people, and more importantly educate the youth about how to cut the problem at the root. I appreciate their efforts, as helping just one person truly can go a long way.”

“Yes it is worth my time because I got to see the POV (point of view) of someone who’s homeless. I definitely have a better understanding & more open mind to homeless people. I will be volunteering.”





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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