There is Hope for the homeless

Jul 25, 2011  |     |   General

When singing along with the song “There is Hope for the Hopeless” ,performed by Sierra, my words frequently change to “There is hope for the homeless”. Here at Open Door Mission we place a huge emphasis on bringing hope to the hungry and homeless we serve each day. Our summer theme is entitled “Summer of Hope”; we frequently hear from our leadership that “hope” begins with a meal. So often society can look at a person and say “there is no hope”, but that is so not the case with our God! Since working here at Open Door Mission I have seen firsthand how hope can be restored in the lives of those we serve. Spiritual growth takes place, physical addictions are conquered, family relationships are restored, educational progress is achieved, employment is obtained, independent living is found! There IS hope for the homeless!!
A few days ago I had the wonderful opportunity of tagging along as staff showed three of our Lydia House ladies a 3-bedrom apartment they would be sharing at our new Permanent Supportive Housing facility. These three single ladies have been at the Lydia House for almost a year and all came to us feeling hopeless about their circumstances. On this day when they saw their brand new apartment they were overjoyed, and so was I! One kept mentioning how she loved the “new” smell of the building; another opened every closet and marveled at the storage space they would have. The two “younger” ladies decided they would give the master bedroom to the third roommate because she was the “oldest”. They chatted about how they would arrange their kitchen table and chairs, and just marveled at the size of their new kitchen. What a blessing it was to stand back and listen to their interactions, and be reminded once again that there IS hope for the homeless. When each of us do our part to meet the needs of the hungry and homeless, we see over and over again how God truly does make all things work together for good.
Celeste Norman