The Walls Come Tumbling Down

We all build walls around our life, walls that protect us from the hurt of the world. Like the rest of us, our guests at Open Door Mission build walls to protect themselves. The problem with walls is that they can prevent healing. False protection from the world is not healthy. In the New Life Recovery Program several features work together to help our guests learn when to build walls and when to tear down unsafe ones. Case managers, teachers, and counselors work to make sure each guest is seen as an individual, a person God wants to seek in life.  The community becomes involved as mentors and church congregations that provide friendship and a safety net of Godly advice.

As the guests grow strong in God and their faith they can tear down “false “walls that Satan helped build. These “walls” can be fears, a sense of failure, feeling that they can never be loved unconditionally…all the lies Satan whisper to destroy your life. The guests learn to use God’s plumb line to build healthy walls to protect their heart, mind and soul for God’s path for their life. Learning to follow the narrow path leads to success without walls to stop them. Christ is their protector and encourager. Like the walls in Jericho, when you put your trust in the Lord your destructive walls will tumble down.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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